08/08/2013 11:49

DIY bow tie

    Bow tie is very important fashion accessories for “Preppy fashion style”. Although there are bow ties to be commonly on sale which are undesirable, but you can your desirable bow tie easily by DIY which is made from desirable design cloth, and also there are easy prepared equipments and methods as follow.
    Equipments Desirable design cloth, needle, thread, pin, fabric glue and 1.5 inch width of Desirable colour cloth

  1. Take two square cloths to fold diagonally to be a triangle.
  2. Cut the cloth to be 4-7 inches of two squares
  3. Fold the triangle cloth to be a triangle fold, triangle cloth will be smaller and thicker.
  4. Hold corner of the triangle cloth and fold into a little in order to hide corner of the cloth.
  5. Gather the corner of the triangle to the center of the cloth, then clash it by a pin.
  6. Follow the fourth and fifth method for the right corner of the cloth, when it is finished, you neaten it and sew both side of the corner of the cloth to link.
  7. Follow the second to sixth method for another square cloth.
  8. Take both square cloths from the second to eighth method to tail to be a bow tie and sew them to link. Don’t forget to sew at the middle of the bow tie in order to glue a ribbon later.
  9.  Englue at the middle of the bow tie which has sewed, then take the ribbon to bind and overlay on the bow tie. If you want to use the bow tie for insert or attach at the collar, you can use a stripe cloth or a hairpin hang behind the bow tie.